• Baggins

    Universal, perpetual reward system using Blockchain.
  • Stickers

    Family-friendly food journaling system using computer vision.
  • Chatty

    SMS-based Smart Assistant for public transport and travel direction.
  • Catalyst

    Platform for ideas crowdsourcing at every customer touch points.
  • EVA

    Smart Assistant for grocery tracking using voice-based user interface.
  • PeerPledge

    Peer-to-peer microfunding app using direct carrier billing technology.
  • Smart Port

    Interactive dashboard to visualise complex relationship of maritime data.
  • SwipeTap

    Gesture-based keyboard for people with dexterity, physical and visual disability.
  • Today Tomorrow

    Real-time service to connect Chinatown visitors and community members.
  • GrabHelp

    SMS-based volunteer coordination system.
  • Food Trek

    Resource Management and Map Visualisation System.
  • Venn

    Simplifying urban exploration and resource coordination through the intersection of space and time.