Food Trek

Resource Management and Map Visualisation System.


GeoHackathon was a 3 day hackathon held between the 6th-8th June, 2014 to explore new, innovative ways to use geospatial technology and addressed a range of issues to carry out our daily lives quickly and efficiently; provide us with insight that informs choice and guides policy; and help visualise the challenges facing Singapore’s future. One of the participating organisations is Food from the Heart (FFTH), which is a non-profit charity who collect unsold bread from over 100 bakeries daily and deliver it to over 150 welfare homes and 28 self-collection centres. As part of the challenge, they would like to have an application that helps their operations to deal with last-minute replacements of volunteers and enable available volunteers to pick up jobs based on their locations.


Our inspiration comes from understanding the need to address FFTH operational supply and demand fluctuation as well as the need to improve their operational scale and outreach. To achieve this objective, we proposed both web and mobile based application that provide operational visibility and automation for FFTH partner and beneficiary organisations as well as volunteers. Besides highlighting location of key resources, our geospatial visualisation is also able to estimate outer edge of all possible travel routes from a start point to a given distance or time.

Real-time Operational Awareness
Real-time Operational Awareness